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BC Racing’s BR Series coilovers have been extremely well proven by the automotive community to be one of the best value, best performing options out there.

Not only are they perfectly comfortable for use on street cars, they can hold their own at a track day.

The BR design is the perfect choice for a daily driven street car that plays on the occasional mountain pass or autocross event. Easy to access adjustment knobs help you to fine-tuning compression and rebound settings, while threaded collars with lock rings allow for safe yet adjustable right height.

Despite being highly customizable, this is a very well performing mono-tube coilover system that doesn’t require an engineering degree to get quality performance out of. You choose how high or low you want your car to sit, opting for more ground clearance or the lowest possible centre of gravity.

All BC BR coilovers offer:

  • 46mm diameter piston
  • 53mm damper body, offering maximum oil capacity
  • 30 levels of one-way damping (compression, or rebound) adjustment
  • linear valving
  • independent height adjustment (does not affect spring compression)
  • swift spring upgrade option
  • custom valving option
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • custom spring rates

Front camber plates come standard on applicable kits, while rear camber plates are available as an option. Please contact us if you’re unsure which option your car comes with.

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